Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall are the NYC-based duo Misty Mtn
The is track comprised of dark and synthy beats, catchy guitar riffs and keys, and smooth and smoky vocals that touch on feelings of nostalgia and the memories that get triggered by those feelings.
— The Wild Honey Pie
The twosome’s unique assortment of sonic qualities of slick synths and dream-like melodies along with sharp writing occupied with its musings is something listeners should invest in early on.
...the duo introduces us to “dark mountain pop” - a genre all their own, surfacing aural snapshots of places like Montana and Upstate New York (with a side of Brooklyn, of course).
— Merrill Lee Girardeau, MOXI MAG
They blend the soft folk music of Big Sky Country with the dark synthetic electricity of big city synths and samplers.
— Will Sisskind, The Deli Magazine
Their sound is fresh but familiar, and it’s all wrapped up in a simple song about the complex emotions of moving on.
— Harness Magazine