Our debut EP, “Missed Your Call”is out now!

“An impressive showing of Misty Mtn's range and musical flexibility, this EP encapsulates the fluttering heart and racing mind of someone who is in the in-between. Bottling up all the fears, the insecurities, and silent affirmations, Missed Your Call is a more than just five tracks, it's five chapters of stirring individual stories.”


Misty Mtn One Sheet

Misty Mtn One Sheet


“Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall have created something very special … you can belt out the chorus as it’s mix of upbeat rhythms and down home lyrics leave you not caring whether you want to dance or cry.”

- Analogue Trash


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The foundations of Misty Mtn date back to 2017 when vocalist Morissa Trunzo and producer Lucas Segall met working at a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. The collaboration—initially a modest bedroom recording project—quickly proved fruitful. With vocal-harmonies channeling classic acts like Fleetwood Mac, crossed with forward-thinking electronic productions, they developed a distinctive style dubbed “Dark Mountain Pop”. In 2018 they made their live debut during an opening set for Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and quickly became a staple of the New York indie scene before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019 shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP 'Missed Your Call.’